Whether it's luxury you crave or a backpacker budget, a trip to Machu Picchu is no doubt a main reason why you came to Peru.

The Sacred Valley with its richness of Incan civilization, the beauty of the Andes, entry to the Amazon Basin from Iquitos in the north, and Lake Titicaca at over 12000' to the south are must-visits.

The islands of Lake Titicaca offer unparalleled glimpses of local cultures — Uros, the manmade floating reed islands, Amantani, with its agrarian high altitude Incan temples, and Taquile with its distinct textiles culture.

Of course the colonial cities of Arequipa and Lima are much more modern, with historic sites, excellent shopping, upscale restaurants, and a more cosmopolitan flair. Peru is so multi-faceted, one trip is never enough.

Wherever we go, we always have a beaten up guidebook, local phrasebook, and weatherproof map in our backpacks.