Nature.House: Cool Cottages and Europe Holiday Rentals Surrounded by Nature

Heading to Europe and longing for a trip in nature, but you don’t know where to stay? Maybe you wish to get closer to nature but you’re not the camping — or even glamping — type.

More and more travelers are looking for places to commune with nature, stay in one-of-a-kind-accommodations, disconnect without guilt, and reconnect with life and loved ones. The natural world has sadly become a premium that more of us yearn for on holiday, and yet seems harder and harder for us to find and spend the night in, or longer.

Europe is on many a bucket list, and while hotels and houses for rent in Europe can be easily found, many of them are in larger cities, urban rentals, or in less-than scenic suburbs.

What do you do if it’s nature you’re seeking — the peace and solitude of a holiday cabin in the woods, a unique glamping spot, or even a luxury family vacation or girlfriend getaway?

We can help.

We recently found an interesting company that offers unique and sustainable Europe holiday rentals surrounded by nature — in accommodations from local landlords across Europe. And it’s not who you might think.

Jump Ahead To See these Nature House Accommodations Cottages in The Netherlands Cottages in Italy Cottages in France in Wapserveen - Drenthe, The Netherlands in Wapserveen - Drenthe, The Netherlands

Nature.House Cottages in Nature (Natuurhuisje) is an online platform where you can find an incredible selection of holiday rentals throughout Europe, and it might be just what you need for your next slow travel vacation.

The cool thing about is that their homes are always situated in the natural world, away from the crowds and mass tourism. And we’re not talking about a bare bones tent in the woods with no running water, although they do have some really cool tent camps.

The waterfront properties and family homes in their catalog are charming and will make you want to book your next family vacay. Some of them have amazing and unexpected design elements. They even have incredible luxurious glamping properties and some rather posh chateaus in France.

This is our kind of slow traveling!

Nature house in Nunspeet - Guelders, The Netherlands

Nature house in Nunspeet - Guelders, The Netherlands

Some of the locations are more remote, but all of them are places where you can finally unplug from the hustle and bustle of the big city to enjoy the peace and quietness of nature.

Imagine a walk in the woods in the morning while the sun is still rising — you wake up with the soft breeze on your face, hear the birds chirping softly, and feel the dew on the leaves… What a way to start your day!

A secluded holiday in nature can do so much to refresh your mind and shift the attention in your life to what’s truly important. Forget about your phone for a second and immerse in nature. You can leave your cares behind and dedicate this special time to focus on your inner self, discover wildlife on your doorstep, meet a community of fellow nature lovers, explore the local culture and live like the locals do at least for a while.

Even if you’re not traveling but just need a break away from home for a night or long weekend, you can book a special holiday accommodation that’s a destination — an experience — on its own.

Staying in a nature house pretty much guarantees you a beautiful view from your window. Enjoy the setting sun or the waves on the sea, or choose a cottage in the woods and watch the forest animals right from your home.

Contributing to a Greener Planet

Perhaps the best part about a holiday with is that the company contributes to a greener planet.


The company plants a tree for every night booked on their platform! How cool is that? What Nature.House does with this initiative is inspiring, and crucial for our survival on the planet. Research on the topic of sustainability shows that planting trees is the most efficient and effective way to fight climate change.

And Nature.House is currently on track to plant a million trees by 2021 — ambitious, but absolutely achievable if you take a look at what they’re already accomplished. In 2018, they managed to compensate for more than half of all stays. Impressive, right?

Much of the wildlife on Earth is endangered and biodiversity is severely threatened. For the past 40 years, the Earth has lost half of its wildlife! Do we really want to risk destroying the natural world and ending our adventures in nature?

What Can Be Done?

Changes must be made, by everyone. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a passionate nature lover too. And it’s refreshing when you see companies like putting their money where their brand is.

They’re choosing carefully where to plant trees, looking at the places where this will have the greatest impact on CO2 reduction and keeping the ecosystems alive and healthy. The countries where the trees are planted are all located in Africa — Tanzania, Burkina Faso, and the fourth biggest island on Earth — Madagascar.

Not only does this initiative have a positive environmental impact, but it also supports the local economies in these countries. By creating jobs for the community, people can cover basic needs and make positive changes like sending their children back to school.


Tim and Luuk, the brothers who founded, plant trees with the locals in Madagascar, 2018

Their last project is intended to protect the natural habitat of the birds that migrate to Africa for shelter and food.

What’s the connection here?

The birds are especially important for are were actually part of the idea to start the company. The two founding brothers, Tim & Luuk, were looking for a hideaway place in Extremadura, Spain, to pursue their passion for bird watching. When they couldn’t find anything that was secluded from the holiday parks, they decided to create a platform themselves — and was born.

How Can You Help?

If you’re wondering how you can contribute to the preservation of nature with, there are three steps that you can take:

  1. The easiest way is to subscribe to their newsletter and you’ll be responsible for one newly planted tree.

  2. Book one of their authentic homes for your next stay in the natural world. The longer the holiday, the more trees will be planted.

  3. Lastly, if you have a beautiful home in nature and want to share it with other people, you can list your house on their platform and become part of this initiative. As a landlord in you set your own rules. The price of renting your home, cottage, yurt, or castle is determined by you, along with the seasonal planning, special offers, and availability. All you pay Nature.House is a 10% commission of the rent for the service.

Other Reasons to Stay in a Nature.House?

If you’re tired of the usual hotels, all-inclusive resorts and packed holiday parks, is a great solution. All their accommodations are situated in nature, away from the crowds and mass tourism, so you can relax and explore wildlife unbothered by the outside world.

From tiny houses and intimate cabins to spacious villas and luxurious bungalows, they have an impressive selection to choose from. even has many sustainable homes with waste separation and green energy. You can filters selections on their website and tailor results to your specific needs.

We love glamping — glamorous camping in case you’re new to the concept — and you’ll find more than one special accommodation for glamping holidays, from tents, yurts, caravans, treehouses high off the ground, even homes right on the water.

But check out some of the homes available as well. A country estate sounds like the perfect place for a friends reunion where everyone has their own room. Or the perfect spot for a multi-generational family vacation, right?

Nature house in Vinkeveen - Utrecht, The Netherlands

Nature house in Vinkeveen - Utrecht, The Netherlands

What Kind of Nature.House is Right for You?

What kind of stay do you imagine? A mountain getaway deep in the woods, or maybe one near the sea? Think about the activities you plan to do. Hiking, fishing, cycling, or a combination of all of these? There’s a Nature.House for you. Being a Dutch company, their supply in The Netherlands is quite diverse and you’ll find numerous country homes with gardens like this: Cottages in The Netherlands

Famous for its bicycle culture, The Netherlands is a top destination for cycling. The country is mostly flat and there are cycling routes everywhere. And because it’s small, you can travel to other cities by bike while enjoying all the nature around you. From forests, rivers, rural areas and polar landscapes to the coastal strips and beaches in The Hague and Zeeland, you will be surprised by the hidden beauty of The Netherlands.

For popular sporting activities include walking, boat trips, and fishing, some of the landlords offer information packs with suggested activities and day trips in the area, so in case you’re doubting what to do, check their list for some inspiration. Cottages in Italy

Another country with stunning nature homes is Italy, and you know how much we love Italy. It can be difficult to find country house rentals or the right Italian farmhouses, called agriturismos, to rent. We highly recommend checking their farms and country houses, for an authentic agriturismo holiday.

In some regions like Veneto, Calabria, Tuscany, Campania, the Bologna Apennines, and the less-popular Marche, you can take a holiday by the seaside and yet stay in a home high in the mountains. Or just enjoy the sun in your private outdoor sauna.

Nature house in Cortona - Tuscany, Italy

Nature house in Cortona - Tuscany, Italy

Italy attracts tourists with its rich history and culture, art, architectural masterpieces, culinary treasures, heart-warming hospitality, and of course, stunning nature. No wonder it’s one of the most visited countries in the world.

The Italian natural landscape is so diverse, it offers something for everyone, which is why it’s one of our favorite countries in the world for a family gathering. A multigenerational vacation in Italy offers so much when you base yourself in a beautiful villa in a great location. Everyone can explore as they want, when they want, or simply enjoy the surroundings of the beautiful countryside knowing you’re in Italy and not at home.

If you love the winter sports you should definitely visit the small region Valle d’Aosta. Located in Northern Italy, the place is a backdrop for outdoor activities with its mountainous and hilly landscapes, and it’s perfect for anyone who’d like to escape the heat in the summer.

In southern Italy, a region that’s popular with active travelers is Basilicata in the arch of Italy’s boot. It’s perfect if you want to get off the beaten path and have an authentic experience, just like Abruzzo. Closer to the heel of the boot is Puglia, where you’ll find the famous Italian trullo.

Have you heard of these iconic houses in southern Italy? Trullo are typical dwellings for the region of Puglia and are so unique they are now an Italian UNESCO World Heritage site!

Unique, special, magical — this is what staying in a trullo feels like. Italy is home to some amazing architecture, but this particular type of accommodation is unlike anything else in the country. Take a break in the heel of the Italian “boot”, where the picturesque region of Puglia offers visitors the one of a kind experience of trulli holidays. Cottages in France

If French is more your style, how about a selection of beautiful French chalets?

France is a country of charming small towns and villages dotting the varied natural landscapes — it’s irresistible to tourists and nature lovers alike. You can find two majestic mountain ranges in the South of France — the Alps and the Pyrenees.

But you should also consider visiting some of the lesser known mountain ranges in France like Jura, Vosges, Massif Central and the French part of the Belgium Ardenne. Here you’ll find peaceful and adventurous walks through hills, rock formations, caves, and canyons.

Nature house in Heucourt-Croquoison - Picardy, France.jpg

Nature house in Heucourt-Croquoison - Picardy, France.jpg

But don’t forget the beaches and especially the Pink Granite Coast in Brittany. This 30-kilometer stretch of coastline with pink rocks can only be seen in France and parts of China. Further south in the countryside near Bordeaux, L’Hotel de Cours de Thomazeau in Castillonnès is a restored 1770 hotel particular that offers a unique cultural glimpse into Medieval France.

If you still haven’t visited France, here’s your chance! Book a nature house and enjoy a peaceful, romantic, adventurous or cultural trip in this diverse country. And don’t forget about that family vacation or girlfriend getaway — traveling with a larger group of people is easier now when you can find suitable accommodations for everyone’s needs.

So whether you’re skiing in Chamonix or vineyard-hopping in the south of France book a stay in peaceful surroundings. Like the spacious castle-like home in Heucourt-Croquoison in Picardy, above. Yes, please!

If you feel inspired for your next holiday, take a moment to look for the best home that suits your needs. A modern villa or a more primitive caravan? Your holiday will be sustainable even booking a luxury stay.

Next to planting trees for all overnight stays, there are a lot more reasons to check out Nature.House for your next European holiday.

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