The Caribbean islands are a palette of endless shades of blue and green with a riot of color sprinkled throughout. From the beautiful turquoise sea in the Turks & Caicos and stunning beaches of the US Virgin Islands, to the verdant landscape of Dominica and the vibrant West Indian culture of Jamaica, the Caribbean has something for every traveler.

But go a bit deeper and you’ll discover all the unique culture and individual personality of each and every island. And when it comes to the food, you’ll find distinct cuisines at every port, influenced by West Indian, African, French, and Latin flavors, with cultural traditions and cooking methods spanning centuries.

One of our favorite islands is Jamaica! Walk the streets of any town and enjoy the music and spicy aromas that fill the air. Jamaica is a feast to be experienced… best enjoyed on the streets, chatting with locals and eating the foods offered by street vendors.

Wherever we go, we always have a beaten up guidebook, local phrasebook, and weatherproof map in our backpacks.