Who is Travlinmad?



We're Lori and Angelo — the writers, photographers, content creators, and slow travelers behind Travlinmad. We travel the world to experience the food and culture of a place by making connections with local people, guides, artisans, and producers.

After 30 years and countless journeys together, we’ve learned a few things:

  • Travel doesn’t have to be expensive to be amazing, so that it’s just a once a year — or worse, once in a lifetime — experience.

  • Planning independent travel is easy and part of the journey. You don’t have to travel with large (or small) tours groups of loud strangers (unless you really want to).

  • And you shouldn’t have to rush. An entire country in one week? No thanks …we prefer to travel slow.

We’d rather have immersive slow travel and food experiences that lead us to meaningful connections, not exhaustion. The kind of experience that inspires us to travel even more. Sound like you too? Follow us on social @Travlinmad.

We’re also second-generation Italian-Americans who love traveling to Italy. You’ll find lots of articles about Italy on Travlinmad. And for even more, check out Italy Foodies, our travel site about food travel to Italy!

Heading to the beach in southwest Florida? You’ll want to check out our website Naples Florida Travel Guide for what to see and do!

Lori, Travlinmad

About Lori

Lori is Travlinmad's editor, co-writer, and photographer who caught the photography bug as a kid, and started traveling soon thereafter — a combination that eventually led to a career in tourism and destination marketing.

She originally hails from New Jersey and loves Bruce Springsteen and fresh Jersey tomatoes and strawberries. She loves to cook & eat (Italian food and Thai are her faves), drink red wine and tequila, listen to music loud, and be at the ocean.

She loves farm-to-table food experiences, unique food tours, and photographing the colors and textures of the places she visits.

  • Travel Goals: Learning to surf and speak Italian

  • Will Travel for Food:  Pizza in Napoli and Key Lime Pie in Florida 

  • Most Amazing Travel Experience So Far? That time they helped rescue spider monkeys in Costa Rica! 

  • Worst Travel Experience to Date: A nauseating bus ride along the Amalfi Coast made worse by the loud tourist in the seat ahead of her who wore putrid cologne and ended up wearing her lunch (it may have also been his worst travel experience too)!

  • Treasured Souvenirs: Hand crafted textiles and unique cooking utensils

  • Favorite Street Food: Fresh baked sfogliatelle from Napoli

  • Favorite Small Town Experience: Cesky Krumlov was an absolute dream!

Angelo, Travlinmad

About Angelo

Angelo is our co-writer and business manager with prior careers in aviation, anthropology, and air traffic control — an interesting and wild ride! He met Lori in college and finished grad school after they married.

Originally from eastern Pennsylvania, he grew up eating heart-healthy treats like scrapple, steak sandwiches, and Yocco's hot dogs — and he still loves it.

He's a Marine and a Parrothead who loves boats, airplanes, and yoga, and it was his first trip to Italy where his love of food and wine lit a spark for baking, and now there's always too much bread and pastry in the house!

  • Travel Goals: Learning to sail and mastering the perfect ciabatta

  • Will Travel for Food:  Sarde en Saor in Sant'erasmo, a lagoon island in Venice, Italy and Patagonian Lamb in Chile.

  • Most Memorable Travel Experience? Hiking Glacier Grey in Chilean Patagonia

  • Worst Travel Experience to Date: Sailing to Caye Caulker, Belize on a catamaran in a lightening storm!

  • Treasured Souvenirs: A 30 lb. hand-carved ironwood Rastafarian sculpture from Jamaica

  • Favorite Street Food: Fried seafood in a paper cone in the Cinque Terre

  • Favorite Small Town Experience: Capri. Cahhh-pri.

What’s Still on Our Bucket List?

More Mexico.....More Indonesia.....More Europe.....Always Italy.....and Angelo really wants to see the Aurora Borealis. ;-)